2016 Regina Zombie Walk


The Regina Zombie Walk is a unique event where like-minded zombie enthusiasts congregate together and walk around the city to raise food donations for the Regina & District Food Bank. The Regina Zombie Walk will begin at 3:00 pm in Victoria Park and participates will be able to register for our costume contest. At 4:00 pm we will start the costume contest. Around 4:30 pm, we will begin walking around downtown Regina.

Location: Victoria Park
Date: September 25
Time: 3:00PM
Fee: The event is free to attend, but we would appreciate it if you are able to bring a non-perishable food item for the Regina & District Food Bank

3pm: Event begins
3-3:50pm: Costume registration
4:00-4:25pm: Costume contest
4:30pm: Costume contest winner is announced
4:32pm Zombie Walk officially starts
8:30pm: Zombie Trivia (At O’Hanlons)


1. No Vandalism

It might seem like fun to you, but purposefully placing handprints, pouring blood, or leaving other marks is vandalism, and it can get us in a lot of trouble. Even if the material is water-soluble, someone still needs to clean it up. Yes, the rain will wash it away, but we can’t leave a big ‘blood’ stain in Victoria Park for a week. When the walk is over, no one should know we were ever there.

2. No Weapons – (real or Imagined during the actual walk)

Near the beginning of the Zombie Walk, we will be walking through Cornwall Centre. If you come dressed up as a zombie hunter or any costume with a weapon, you will not be able to come with us into Cornwall Centre. The main reason for this is because Cornwall Centre has a strict no weapons policy.

We don’t mind if you bring a fake weapon for photo ops or the costume contest prior to the beginning of the Zombie Walk at 4:30pm, but please note that you will not be able to bring it with you during the actual walk.

If you do bring a fake weapon prior to the actual walk, we recommend that you put orange tape around the weapons to make it clearer that they are fake. We also ask that you avoid pointing weapons at people in cars or on the street.

3. Be Safe

Our walk takes place on public AND private property this year. Be aware of your surroundings, watch out for traffic and hazards, and look out for each other.

4. Be Courteous

Just because it’s fun for us to dress up like zombies and groan and moan, doesn’t mean everybody thinks its fun. In fact, some people, even fully grown adults, are downright frightened by the thought of zombies. And you could scar a child for life with the wrong actions. Have fun, but don’t force yourself on others.

5. Stay In Character

This year the walk takes place in some REALLY public places – downtown and through the Cornwall Centre. Let’s keep the zombie acting, walking, and groaning going as much as we can. And let’s remember that zombies don’t swear.

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