The 2014 Regina Zombie Walk

I’d like to announce that the 2014 Regina Zombie Walk has landed a sponsor: YOU!

Unfortunately, this year we were unable to work things out with a title sponsor. On the verge of having to cancel the event, we threw out one last hope: an Indiegogo campaign.

With the goal of raising $750 in just over a week, we were unsure of whether or not it would work out. But, I’m happy to report that you Regina Zombie Walk fans came through, and we were able to reach the goal with time to spare! Well done Regina!

We even got a great boost of media coverage from Craig Lederhouse of CBC Radio’s The Afternoon Edition. Thanks for helping to share our story Craig!

Why did we need to raise money? Insurance. Both the City of Regina and the Cornwall Centre require liability insurance in order to use their spaced. We don’t blame them – even though our group has always been very well behaved, unleashing a couple hundred undead on the city is always a risk :) For what it’s worth, both the City of Regina and the Cornwall Centre are incredibly supportive of the event and bend over backwards to help us out. They’re great to work with, but we still need to protect everyone involved.

Here’s a link to the story on CBC’s website:

Please join us on Sunday, September 28th, 2014 at City Square Plaza in Victoria Park. Dress like a zombie, bring a donation for the Regina Food Bank (and a great attitude) and we’ll all have a lot of fun while supporting a great cause.


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The Route!

For 2013 we’re sticking pretty close to the same route that we did last year.


We are NOT a parade – just a group of private citizens out for a walk. This means that we must follow all traffic and pedestrian laws: cross at crosswalks, stop for lights, etc. Please be careful out there, and watch out for your fellow zombies to make sure that this is a fun and safe event.

It’s also worth noting that 12th avenue is open for traffic in City Square again – so watch where you’re standing and milling around. The area in front of the stage, and the entire square is open to us, so let’s make use of that space. And please, no littering or making messes.

The Route

From City Square Plaza, we’ll head up the Scarth Street Mall and enter the Cornwall Centre at the 11th Ave doors. We’ll continue through the mall, exiting at Saskatchewan Drive, and then head west to Broad St.

Turning south on Broad street, we’ll go to 12th Ave and turn east, passing the Harvard Broadcasting studios before heading south on Hamilton Street. When we get almost to Victoria we’ll pause so that the group can condense again before entering the alleyway connecting to Scarth Street.

This is an amazing place for photographers to take photos of us. It worked amazingly well last year, and I hope it will work for us this year as well.

Don’t hesitate to find me and ask questions! I’ll be the zombie with a megaphone! :)

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2013 Regina Zombie Walk Sponsor List!

This event would not be possible with out our title sponsor – Capital Ford Lincoln. It also requires the dedication of amazing volunteers like Jessica Bickford and Karen Morley. But this event is made 100x better because of the amazing prize sponsors who dig deep into their pockets to offer up amazing prizes. Below is a list of all the people and businesses who donated something to the 2013 Regina Zombie Walk.

Please support these businesses, and please tell thank them for their support of the Regina Zombie Walk!

Capital Ford

The Wolf 104.9

Ryan Holota

Jessica Bickford

Karen Morley

Death Valley Paintball

The D.A.M. Hair Company

Comic Readers

Beer Brothers

Rainbow Cinemas

Basket Cases

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Kramer’s Hair Studio and Day Spa

Magpies Kitchen

Zippity Zoom Toys

Sweet Bakery and Coffee House

Kelsey J. Mills – Author: find her work here.

Pacific Fresh Fish

Drip Coffee

Sigma Industrial Sales

Spirit Halloween

Saskatchewan Science Centre

University of Regina Athletics

James Marshall – Author

Kneaded Bakeshop

University of Regina President’s Office

Justin Shauf – Artist

Dessart Sweets

A Long-Time, But Anonymous Personal Donor

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Photography Release Form For The Cornwall Centre

Attn: Photographers

There are two places that deliver amazing shots along the walk, and inside the Cornwall Centre is definitely one of them! However, the Cornwall Centre IS private property, and they have some rules that we have been asked to follow.

One of the rules pertains to those who wish to take photographs within the Cornwall Centre. They require that photographers sign a release form. It’s free and easy to do-just head to the customer service desk and ask them for a release. It only takes a couple of minutes to do.

People will really start coming to City Square by around 3pm, so I would ask you to head to the Customer Service Desk at the Cornwall Centre and ask them for a release before that. They’ll be expecting lots of people to come get releases, and they’ll know what you’re looking for.

I’ll be reminding people about this on the day of the walk as well, but if you can do it before the rush, that’s the best thing to do.


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Food Bank 10 Most Wanted!

Not sure what to bring to the Zombie Walk? Here’s a list of the food bank’s 10 Most wanted items. Fill your cart and bring it to the Zombie Walk!

1. Powered Milk

2. Juice

3. Peanut Butter

4. Soup

5. Meat and Fish (cans)

6. Stew (cans)

7. Pork and Beans

8. Baby Food

9. Pasta Products

10. Enfalac, Isomil Formula


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Costume Contest Details!

We’re trying a different method for the costume contest this year – hopefully we will continue to improve each year. There are tons of people who would like to be involved in the costume contest, and rightfully so! You put a lot of work into your costumes, and you want to be recognized for it!

This year, we have a TON of prizes to give away, so we’ve really expanded the costume contest. This year, the contest is open to everyone. You will be asked to register for the costume contest at the table by the stage BEFORE 3:30pm. You will be given a number.

During the contest, we will call on everybody to line up and do a brief parade on the stage. If you want to act – great. If you don’t – that’s fine too! Costumes will be judged by a panel of three, including a representative from our title sponsor: Capital Ford Lincoln. Those under 12 are welcome to bring a parent or guardian on stage with them to keep them company.


3 Prizes for Best Child Costume (Ages 0-12)
3 Prizes for Best Teen Costume (Ages 13-18)
Best Costume (Ages 19+)
Most Realistic Costume (Ages 19+)
Capital Ford Lincoln Favourite Costume (Ages 19+)
Wildcard Judges Favourite (All Ages)

We think the contest will go smoothly and quickly this year, which is great, because we’re going to have a ton of draw prizes to give away too!

I can’t wait to see all of you zombies on Sunday!

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2013 Zombie Walk Rules!

I know that 99.9% of the people who are coming to the zombie walk are smart people who only want to have a good time. Those people don’t need rules – common sense is enough. However, for the benefit of the other .1% here is a list of rules for the zombie walk:

1. No Vandalism

It might seem like fun to you, but purposefully placing hand prints, pouring blood, or leaving other marks is vandalism, and it can get us in a lot of trouble. Even if the material is  water-soluble, someone still needs to clean it up. Yes, the rain will wash it away, but we can’t leave a big ‘blood’ stain in Victoria Park for a week. When the walk is over, no one should know we were ever there.

2. Be Safe

Our walk takes place on public AND private property this year. Be aware of your surroundings, watch out for traffic and hazards, and look out for each other.

3. Be Courteous

Just because it’s fun for us to dress up like zombies and groan and moan, doesn’t mean everybody thinks its fun. In fact, some people, even fully grown adults, are downright frightened by the thought of zombies. And you could scar a child for life with the wrong actions. Have fun, but don’t force yourself on others.

4. Stay In Character

This year the walk takes place in some REALLY public places – downtown and through the Cornwall Centre. Let’s keep the zombie acting, walking, and groaning going as much as we can. And let’s remember that zombies don’t swear.

5. No Weapons – Real or Imagined!

Every year there are a couple of dozen people who come dressed as zombie hunters. I get it – I’d much rather be a survivor in the real ZA than a walker. But this group is getting big enough that it’s pretty much time to get rid of the weapons. Maybe the pink and purple Nerf stuff could stay, but I’d honestly rather it didn’t.

I’m not trying to be a downer, but here’s the facts – there are no weapons of any type – even props – allowed in the Cornwall Centre. That means if you’re carrying something – even a water gun – you won’t be allowed to participate in one of the coolest parts of the walk – actually heading through the mall. It’s also worth mentioning that any weapon – even a fake weapon – is a lot of hassle for the police. If someone sees something that they don’t like and calls the police, the walk is over. Let’s keep the big picture in mind, okay?


There is a lot of work, and a lot of hoops to jump through, in order to put on the zombie walk every year. Even so, we get a lot of things easy because we’re such a good group with no history of problems. Please, let’s keep it that way.

I don’t want anybody to get into fights or act as vigilante’s, but if you see someone doing something stupid/dangerous/illegal, let me know, and maybe ask them to stop.

Be safe and have fun everybody!


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104.9 The Wolf!

If you’ve been listening to 104.9 The Wolf, you’ve probably heard them talking about the zombie walk – they’ve agreed to be our media sponsor for this event, and we couldn’t be happier.

Last year The Wolf stepped up with some great prizes for us, and hopefully this year they’ll bring us some extra recognition and more donations for the Food Bank!

Tune in to 104.9 The Wolf, Tweet them at @TheWolfRocks at visit their website at and like their Facebook page!

Make sure you thank 104.9 The Wolf for helping us spread the message!


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Introducing Our Title Sponsor for 2013! Capital Ford Lincoln!

Introducing the Title Sponsor for the 6th Annual Regina Zombie Walk!

Capital Ford Lincoln!

I could not be happier than Capital Ford Lincoln has decided to come on board with us for 2013. I know this car dealership well, having had service performed there and buying parts from their knowledgeable parts department.

I also know several people who have purchased cars from them, and all of them have been extremely happy with the level of service and the excellent pricing. They even helped one friend out when she was looking at buying a car from out of province. Capital Ford’s advice saved her from buying a car that needed thousands of dollars in repairs.

The Regina Zombie Walk would not be possible without external support, and we all owe them a huge thanks! Please head over to the Capital Ford Lincoln Facebook page ( and like that page.

In addition to being an amazing company, let’s not forget that Capital Ford Lincoln sells Fords! Ford is a company that has really embraced the zombie culture, even producing a couple of commercials featuring our favorite undead creatures. This one is probably my favorite:

This one’s pretty great too!

The support of this great local company means everything to the Regina Zombie Walk. Please check them out next time you need parts, service, or a new automobile.

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2013 Zombie Walk Press Release!

Because Real People Don’t Eat Brains

September 10, 2013 (Regina,SK) – The 6th annual Regina Zombie walk takes place on Sunday, September 22, 2013.

Participants, dressed as zombies, will be gathering inCitySquarePlazain Victoria Park beginning at 3:00pm. Each “zombie” is asked to bring a donation of non-perishable food items for theReginaand District Food Bank.

At approximately 3:30pm there will be several draws, with prizes donated from local businesses, and a costume contest will be held to determine who has the best zombie costume!

At 4:30pm the hoard of zombies will shamble through downtownRegina, through the Cornwall Centre, and back toCitySquarePlaza. The event is a draw for people of all ages, and a lot of fun to participate in. It also attracts a lot of photographers, so the group does their best to provide amazing photo and video opportunities throughout the route.

The 2012 Zombie Walk raised 3,300lbs of food for the Regina Food Bank and brought together upwards of 150 people. This year, more than 200 people, and sunnier skies, are hoped for.

This event is completely free of charge to the public. This year, Capital Ford Lincoln has stepped up as the Title Sponsor of the event, helping to defray the costs of putting on an event such as this in the city ofRegina. Most major cities now have an annual Zombie Walk, butRegina’s is one of the earliest and longest running events of its kind. The organizers and participants wish to thank Capital Ford Lincoln for their generous help.

For More Information:

Ryan Holota (organizer)

Jessica Bickford (organizer)

The Regina Zombie Walk Facebook Group:

Facebook Event Page:

Twitter: @ReginaZombies






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